One In Five Workers Has Left Their Job Because Of Bullying

Bullying isn’t just an issue in the classroom. It can spring to life in the boardroom as well.

Nearly one third of workers report having felt bullied at work, according to a study released today byCareerBuilder. Even worse? Roughly 20% ended up leaving their job because of it.

The study is based on data from a nationwide survey conducted by Harris Poll of nearly 3,400 full-time, private sector employees throughout various industries and company sizes.

“Bullying impacts workers of all backgrounds regardless of race, education, income, and level of authority within an organization,” said vice president of human resources Rosemary Haefner, in a statement. “Many of the workers who have experienced this don’t confront the bully or elect not to report the incidents, which can prolong a negative work experience that leads some to leave their jobs.”


What, exactly, constitutes bullying?

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