Vocabulary ideas

Everyone Can Learn

This past week was full of questions about how to study vocabulary for words you can not find associations to.  Vocabulary can be such a huge part of comprehension.  Here are a few ideas I have in mind.  

1. Word pictures

2. Foldables


4.Greek and Latin Roots

5. Background information


1.  Word pictures are great for those visual artistic kids.  By drawing a picture that represents the word, they remember it.  Visual learners will remember the picture when they see the word.  Other kiddos might do well with acting words out.  Create a game of charades with vocabulary words.  Take turns acting words out.  These kiddos that this work for are usually kinesthetic learners and will remember the words by how they were interpreted in action. 

2. FoldablesDinah Zike is the big name in foldables, however they have been around every since I…

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