Apps to Help Students With Dyscalculia and Math Difficulties

Ever-evolving mobile technologies offer hope to students who have a learning disability like dyscalculia or dyslexia. My daughter (who has dyslexia) and I researched and/or tested all of the apps below, and we think they’re especially helpful to the student with LD in dealing with math – whether it’s for schoolwork or some other kind of everyday challenge (like figuring out how much something really costs).





Park Math

The award-winning Park Math introduces early math concepts to young children (pre-K through elementary school) through visually interesting (and cute) interactive games.

Algebra Touch


With Algebra Touch, your child can refine algebra skills using touch – including dragging to rearrange problems or drawing lines to cancel out terms.

Quick Graph+


In addition to being a high-quality graphic calculator, Quick Graph+ includes advanced features, like tracing.

Talking Scientific Calculator

Large colorful buttons and the option for high-contrast visuals and audio feedback when pressing keys are a few of the LD-friendly features of this app.

Free Graphing Calculator

This free graphing calculator includes an easy-to-use scientific calculator, graphing capabilities, unit converter and more.



This extremely popular game of numbers enhances problem-solving and math skills.

Note: All of these mobile apps were researched and/or tested by our mother-daughter team on Apple products like the iPhone and iPad in December 2012. New editions may change the nature of an app, making it less LD-friendly. “New” may not mean “better” for you. Also, our recommendations don’t include complimentary apps that require you to buy a full version of a program.

Darla Hatton is a reading specialist. She and Kaila, her teenage daughter (who has dyslexia) have been active members of the larger LD community for years, including giving presentations at the Family Cafe’s Annual Conference in Florida. They’re committed to sharing information and supporting the success of individuals with learning disabilities.


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