Saxon Math Curriculum

Saxon Math Curriculum Likes and Dislikes

One of the most popular homeschool math programs among Homeschool parents is the Saxon Math Curriculum.

The Saxon Math approach is to divide math concepts into smaller pieces called “increments.” The curriculum then introduces a new “increment” each day and the students have only a few problems on the new material.

The rest of the schoolwork is made up of review problems from previous lessons. The theory is that every day is a cumulative review of all the things that the child is learning.

There are lots of story-type problems which works well for some children and not for others.

What Parents Like about Saxon Math:

  • Children who need to proceed slowly and get lots of review tend to do really well with this math curriculum.
  • This program is very predictable. This helps many parents and children who thrive on routine and structure.

  • For many who were previously struggling in math, Saxon math seems to help them succeed.

What Some Parents Dislike about the Homeschool Curriculum:

Homeschool Math
  • Concepts seems to be introduced slower that other programs and do not necessarily cover what day school children might learn in the same grade. This is a problem if you plan to integrate your children back into a traditional school setting later in their schooling.

  • Spending of the time on review can be boring for some children…especially really bright ones.

*Students sometimes do well in the program by simply memorizing the different rules, but have difficulty tying these concepts together or trying to complete problems presented in an unfamiliar format. Parents may need to supplement the curriculum with similar problems presented in different ways.

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