Preschool Curriculum Ideas

If you are looking for preschool curriculum ideas, there are a lot of choices available.

Preschool Curriculum Favorites

Preschool is a great time to try teaching your children at home. There are so many ways to create a learning-rich environment that will help your child to thrive!

Whether you choose pre-k activities online, try unit studies or choose a homeschool materials from some of the recommended publishers below, there are excellent resources available to you.

Exposure to the World:

Life experience is the best teacher for children at this age. The more that you expose them to the more they learn and know. Taking them to the symphony, the zoo, museums and on nature hikes will help them learn about the world around them. Getting your child involved in activities in the community, church and or ‘mommy and me’ classes is a great way to exposure them to different people and experiences.

Top Preschooling Program Choices

If you want a more structured program (or in a lot of cases younger children want ‘school work’ like their older siblings!), then look for one that has lots of activities and does not require just sitting and passively learning.

Here are some of our top preschool curriculum ideas:

Horizons is a Christian preschooling program using a colorful workbook style program that involves tons of hands on projects and multimedia activities.

Before Five in a Row is a great unit study approach to learning that fosters a love of reading.

Rod and Staff is a series of workbooks that teaching both math and reading. It also contains basic cut and paste activities.

Sonlight uses classic stories as a basis for learning.

Suggested Read Aloud Books

Reading aloud to preschoolers is an essential to their academic and social development.

Some recommended books for preschooler are:

• Good Night Moon

• Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel

• Peter Rabbit

• House at Pooh Corner

• Velveteen Rabbit

• The Very Hungry Caterpillar

• Caps for Sale

• Make Way for Ducklings

• Owl Moon

• Harry the Dirty Dog

• Where the Wild Things Are.

• The Little Engine That Could.

• Fairy tales and folk tales including: «Cinderella,» «The Gingerbread Man,» «Little Red Riding Hood,» «The Three Little Pigs,» «The Three Billy Goats Gruff,» «Goldilocks and the Three Bears

• Mother Goose nursery rhymes.

Preschoolers who have books read aloud to them regularly develop a love of reading and tend to learn to read easier than those who are not read to. You can also ask your local librarian for more recommendations.

Preschooling Co-op

Some homeschool parents organize homeschool co-ops to get a group of preschoolers together to take trips, play, make crafts and learn together a few times a week. This is especially nice to children who do not have a chance to play with children their own age often.

Online Activities

Round out their learning with some online fun! There are many sources for preschool curriculum ideas online. Some of our favorites are these two:

Time4Learning — This online program includes educational games and learning in one.

JumpStart Learning —Learning games and adventures from this child favorite!

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