Actividades para el aprendizaje colaborativo

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Recogemos este genial artículo aportando ideas para llevar a cabo el
aprendizaje colaborativo en clase de la forma más conveniente. Recogemos
algunas de las ideas propuestas  de la universidad DePaul, que
adelantamos aquí:


Aprendizaje Colaborativo

3-step interview

What is it? Students interview a partner and report back to a larger group.

Good for: Introductions and icebreakers; helping students cover a lot of material (e.g., sharing what they learned from readings); starting class discussion¬; allowing all students to speak without taking a lot of class time

How to: Have students split into pairs. Each person interviews the other, with questions provided by the instructor. Then the pair finds another couple and forms a quad. Each person takes turns introducing his or her partner and a summary of his/her responses to the group.

Round Table

What is it? Students take turns responding to a prompt or question.

Good for: Brainstorming, collaborative writing prompts…

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