The Risperidone Scandal



The above was published by the American Federal Drug Agency in 2008.

It shows, the adverse side effects, of the anti-psychotic drug risperidone, trade name risperidol, since licencing

I was unable to find, similar, from our Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Our system of censured, patient led, ad hoc yellow card warnings, and under used coroners inquests, make it difficult, to even record, a drug’s adverse effects, in the UK.

Our MHRA, is paid for by the pharmaceutical industry, and largely consists. of ex pharmaceutical company experts.

And autistics, will usually find it impossible to communicate side effects, let alone, have them acknowledged, and recorded.

Only those, that manifest physically, will be discoverable- drawling, restlessness, crying, poo incontinence, impaction, slowness, imbalance.

But state druggers, do not do physical examinations, and care, is by ad hoc, itinerant, prescribed workers.
Anti-psychotic medication, is part of an enforced system of autistic…

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