Blog; Asperger’s and bad experiences.

Asperger's and the 21st Century.

So like all blogs, this is mostly based off my own experiences. What I will not do is actually state my experiences as that is private but how I deal with them is what I believe to be the correct way to deal with bad experiences.

Basically, you can’t let the fear develop. You can’t let it settle and form into a bigger issue in the mind. People with Asperger’s have horribly anxiety and a negative situation will just fester in their mind and make the problem much worse.

Not mentioning the incident in question too much, but I had a nasty experience socially and I pretty much became a hermit for two years. I was so afraid of people and going outside and it just killed me inside my head. I only went outside for academic study, work and occasionally tennis. I did all I could to not be…

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