Accommodations: Autism Spectrum Disorder

The Advocate's Corner

Autism AccomWe are continuing with our current series on accommodations.  Today’s post focuses on accommodations for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). If you missed the introduction to this series or would like more information on accommodations, click here.

Again this list is general in nature and does not cover all possible accommodations for ASD.

  • Placement of desk based on student’s sensory sensitivity
  • Allow for escape outlet/cooling off spot
  • Minimize noise/distractions
  • Leave class early to avoid crowded noisy halls
  • Use of visuals:
    • Individual visual schedule
    • Highlighting important information
    • Using completed models
    • Color coding relevant information
    • Providing visual directions
    • Making endings obvious by use of finished box, folder, etc.
  • Picture symbols for communication
  • Advanced warning of changes in schedule
  • Avoid using figurative speech and idiomatic language
  • Turn marker
  • Copy of notes/lecture
  • Provides choices
  • Shorten assignments
  • Frequent breaks
  • Extended time on assignments/tests
  • Model tasks
  • Chunk assignments
  • Opportunities for movement
  • Provide visual and verbal clues
  • Provide…

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