Oh, the Various Nervous and Sensory System Abherrations of Autism

Defiantly Divergent

It is no secret to people that autism has some confounding «symptoms», largely related to our nervous systems being hypersenstive(or hypo in some cases) or at the very least, abherrant to the typical. Most everyone knows that autistic people share some symptoms of Sensory Processing Disorder, are much more likely to be synaesthetic or have misophonia than the typical population. We run the gamut from ASMR to sensory meltdown nuclear blast. There is, however, yet another wonderful and whimsical pathology many of us possess, and that is called referred itch.

I have referred itch, or as it is commonly known, «mitempfindungen». Mitempfindungen is another sensory abherration of the sensory modal system and nervous system wherein one may find a matching sensation that is triggered in an unrelated part of the body when a sensation is triggered. Example: when I rub the side of my nose, the back of my throat…

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