Technology in the Home School

Engineer UnSchool

Without digressing into my previous rant on technology, let me just make things clear that I really do love all things technology.  That’s why it’s so frustrating when they don’t work!  Somehow though, while technology makes my life easier, more enjoyable, more profitable, etc…I still find myself with hesitations when it comes to technology and my children – specifically technology and my children’s education.  When it comes to homeschooling- how much technology is too much?

Let’s face it, there are so many fabulous websites and educational resources out there, that our children could easily spend the day online and learn a great deal.  It’s overwhelming to me as a new homeschooler to even sort through these resources to decide which ones we should incorporate or skip.  There are so many sites out there that I’ll never even be able to look at them all.

When we started school (which wasn’t…

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