Worried your child is on the Autistic Spectrum? Having them psychologically assessed? Know what to ask for!



For Approx. 70% of the children referred to me for assessment there is a concern of Autism. It can be a confusing time for parents, who often don’t know what is supposed to be done within a psychological assessment. Unfortunately because of this they don’t know when a report is incomplete. I’ve had parents come to me, who have paid for a private psychological diagnostic assessment and then not been able to access services because it was incomplete. That isn’t to say that the outcome is inaccurate, however in Ireland, in order to access services a number of components are required. So if you are having your child assessed privately or otherwise – make sure you know what to ask for!

  1. Parental Clinical Interview

This is standard and should always be completed face to face. It should be very detailed and you may be asked to attend more than once. This interview should include a detailed…

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